About Christine

I have worked in marketing and associated areas since 1979.  My clients over the years have included a very wide range of businesses and organisations, from small to large, self employed to corporate.

I have been self employed for over 20 years. For ten years before that I worked in three advertising agencies, primarily in a client management role. Then I returned to University and gained a Master of Business Administration degree, and completed several courses in facilitation and coaching.

My consulting, writing, facilitation and coaching business is focused on strategy, market research and marketing. My work projects often involve the arts and the environment. I have in depth experience in local government and community engagement, particularly in transport and infrastructure. I am interested in energy and how we use it in relationships and health.

I have worked in travel, tourism, the arts, skiing, retail, real estate, legal and other professions, dental and health services, care of the aged, training, industrial design, new product development, manufacturing, retailing, credit management, banking, surveying, education, local government, philanthropy, environmental issues and many other consumer and business products and services.

I work with teams, individuals, managers and CEOs, self employed people and business owners. Since 2005 I have contracted to the Christchurch City Council in a part time Community Consultation role, and with two other local authorities on projects requiring public participation.

My goal is to help people enjoy life to the full.  When people feel fully valued, they enjoy themselves, and they work better, creating better products and services for their customers. When consumers receive products and services they value, they come to understand that they are valued too, and respond by returning for more.