Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM)

To be of use to you, your Customer Satisfaction Measurement must be based on the specific issues by which your customers perceive value.

Starting with qualitative research, in the form of focus groups and/or personal interviews, we develop a broad as well as specific picture of the ways your customer segments perceive your business, and how they make their judgements and purchase decisions.

From this information we build, with your involvement, one or more questionnaires to be used on a repeated, regular basis.  We define a method of randomly selecting a number of participants, and together we decide on the frequency and sample size for ongoing customer information gathering.

You will receive, on a regular basis, an easy to read, quick to assimilate, though detailed, summary report on how satisfied your customers are in each of the specified criteria.

Your staff and managers will look forward to this report – they can read comments about themselves, see how their branch performed compared with last year, or compared with another branch.

CSM is easy to commission and set up, and it is remarkably inexpensive.