Group Process Facilitation and Coaching

What is a facilitator?  Here is what my mentors at Zenergy have to say in The Zen of Groups, by Dale Hunter, Anne Bailey and Bill Taylor 1996:

“A facilitator’s job is to make it easy for a group to be successful.”

Facilitate = to make easy or more convenient.

“Group facilitation is the art of guiding the group process towards the agreed objectives. A facilitator guides the process and does not get involved in content. A facilitator intervenes to protect the group process and keep the group on track to fulfil its task.”

As your marketing coach, facilitator or consultant, I will help you to set ambitious goals, make well-organised plans and design clever strategies to achieve what you want to achieve, within your desired time frame and keeping to a budget.


Again, here is what Zenergy have to say about coaching:

“Coaching is a relationship between two parties in which one person (the coachee) is supported and challenged to achieve their goals by another person (the coach). It can also be a relationship between a group or team and a coach.”

“A coach is a rigorous ally who will not let us subvert ourselves.”

“Coaching is a contracted relationship. It is by agreement. A coach cannot be imposed on someone.”

“A coach is someone who is committed to the coachee meeting their objectives.”

From “Coaching for outstanding results” 2002