You will achieve success if you

Always keep your eye on the destination

Working with an independent facilitator helps everyone to align with clear vision and goals, and to stay on track, moving forward together. This works well for strategic, business and marketing planning and for the implementation and management of these plans.

Understand your customers’ problems, and what they value

Learn about the ‘problems’ your customers want to solve – and offer solutions that fit the customer needs more exactly than any of your competitors can offer.  Show this understanding through your staff attitudes, service response, as well as product range and quality.

Encourage you staff to ask questions, to explore customer needs. They can become your marketing specialists. Involve your staff as ‘customer knowledge experts’ in designing services to ‘exceed the need’ and delight the customer. This is easy to learn and satisfying to do.

Include formal market research by an independent provider to gather more objective feedback.  Good market research doesn’t cost the earth and quickly pays for itself.

Use Customer Satisfaction Surveys to monitor how your business measures up to their expectations, and how you can change to win more sales.

Use clean, clear, easy to understand messages

Learn about ‘plain English’ text for your advertising, website, brochures, online media, letters, emails, signs
Make sure all your staff know what to say to customers to show that your business can solve their problems better than other suppliers.